Civil Entities near Umbagog Lake

62 civil entities found

Atkinson and Gilmanton Academy Grant (inactive)
Beans Purchase (inactive)
City of Berlin
Coos County
Dix's Grant (inactive)
Ervings Location (inactive)
Franklin County
Greens Grant (inactive)
Martins Location (inactive)
Oxford County
Plantation of Dallas
Plantation of Lincoln
Plantation of Magalloway
Plantation of Rangeley
Plantation of Sandy River
Second College Grant (inactive)
Town of Andover
Town of Bethel
Town of Bloomfield
Town of Brunswick
Town of Byron
Town of Canaan
Town of Clarksville
Town of Colebrook
Town of Columbia
Town of Dummer
Town of Errol
Town of Gilead
Town of Gorham
Town of Hanover
Town of Jefferson
Town of Lancaster
Town of Lemington
Town of Madrid (inactive)
Town of Maidstone
Town of Mexico
Town of Milan
Town of Newry
Town of Northumberland
Town of Pittsburg
Town of Randolph
Town of Rangeley
Town of Roxbury
Town of Rumford
Town of Shelburne
Town of Stark
Town of Stewartstown
Town of Stratford
Town of Upton
Town of Weld
Township of Cambridge (inactive)
Township of Dixville (inactive)
Township of Kilkenny (inactive)
Township of Lynchtown (inactive)
Township of Millsfield (inactive)
Township of Milton (inactive)
Township of Odell (inactive)
Township of Parkertown (inactive)
Township of Parmachenee (inactive)
Township of Riley (inactive)
Township of Success (inactive)
Wentworth Location (inactive)
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